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As-Built Documentation

Are you planning to renovate your space?


We provide point cloud scanning services for existing buildings and facilities.  This allows for us to capture your space in 3D ensuring that no detail is missed.

Because we capture all details at the very beginning of your project, your designer will be better informed, reducing costly change orders down the road.


Plans & 3D Models

Need to provide an existing conditions survey plan or BIM model to your architect?


Our registered architects will analyze the 3D scans of your space and prepare an accurate as-built BIM Model, or CAD files to meet your needs.

Need a Field Verified BIM model for maintenance and operators?

We will provide you with an accurate and complete BIM Model including

any non-visible element properties and info.

We work directly with our clients to ensure your drawings and 

models have every detail you need

Google Indoor Maps

Reach more customers with Google Inside Maps!

Give your potential customers a chance to become familiar with your space on google

"These interior business photos on Google Maps give you the feeling of being there, and the comfort of knowing what to expect when you arrive"


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